Pakistan Earthquake and google earth overlays

If you’re a visual person like me (heheheheh) and you’ve got Google Earth then you gotta check out some new overlays for the earthquake area. To read more about this, go to the article, complete with link to the overlays, at Google Earth blog.

These back-to-back google related posts are not an indication of anything, except that the world will soon be taken over by them and we’re all going to transform into Googlelites. DumdumdumDUM!

3 thoughts on “Pakistan Earthquake and google earth overlays

  1. Does anyone remember the entrepreneurial guy who sells a small piece of the moon surface for a price and even provides the deed to prove it?

  2. yeah, that’s the one. ever wondered how lunatic and lunar is so close in spelling? but i have to admit i paid for two of those “certificates” for the anniversary :o)

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