How to daftar undi or, what I did on Tuesday

PpFt said: I don’t even know HOW to register to vote. Plz to enlaiten?

My response:

Ibu Pejabat Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia
Pejabat-pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri
Semua Pejabat Pos Berkomputer di seluruh negara;
Unit bergerak Suruhanjaya;
Tempat-tempat lain yang ditetapkan oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya sebagai Pusat Pendaftaran. [this means when they set up tables at the pasar besar or something -ed]

I went the Pejabat Pos route. Make sure your post office is hooked up with the computahs.

First, I tekan a butang to get my numbah. Then I wait. Then I go up to kaunter. I said, “Cik, nak daftar undi.”

Then I hand the lady my IC and she taip-taip into her computah.

Then she walks away without a word and comes back with supervisor becos she don’t know what to do on her computah.

Then she take the Borang A and print out my info.

Then I check to make sure they get my name, agama, bangsa and alamat korek.

After korek then I sain.

Then she sain.

Then she tear off white copy and give me pink copy to keep laik dis:

Then after 3 months I go log on to SPR website [ ] to check if I’m on the voter roll. Then if I fail, I try again becos they probably will take up to 6 months to put me on the roll. Even after they taip-taip my info into the computah.

Very epic fail.

But that is how you daftar untuk mengundi. kthxbai.

13 thoughts on “How to daftar undi or, what I did on Tuesday

  1. ah, miss, what I look like to you? information booth issit?

    Luckily, I like you. Technically you cannot *renew* a passport. It expires and you apply a new one. Pain in the freakin’ ass, let me tell you but let’s move on. To get new passport you has to go do this:

    Best to do it soon because like getting on the voter roll, it’ll take them a few months to get your shit to Malaysia and then back to you. >_<

  2. Last I heard (which was a few years ago, which for Malaysia is probably still current), when you apply for passport renewal (a.k.a. pasport baru) from out of country, they basically snail-mail your passport and all the borang and app fee back to Malaysia. And then you tunggu-lah.

    Since a little part of me died when I heard that, I have neva neva let them mail my passport back to Malaysia.

  3. g wrote: “Then she walks away without a word and comes back with supervisor becos she don’t know what to do on her computah.”

    We need to come up with a name for That Move. That Move is more Malaysian than durian puff, maggi goreng kambing and roti Hawaiian combined.

  4. PpFt – ya lah.. they even note in that webpage that they send your stuff back to Malaysia to be processed. But you keep your passport, just have to send in a xeroxed facsimile (double sided and all if you follow the instructions to the letter).

    I’m still working on a name for That Move… Ignoramus Exitus?

  5. sudah daftar di pos office but check computer still tak ada record please help to reply thanks.

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